We would recommend both Salisbury and Amesbury and the surrounding areas as potentially good area to consider for your property investment purchase.


Salisbury has an abundance of professional tenants as the city is home to many major employers including Salisbury District Hospital, the largest employer by far.

The historical city has good rail and road links to other cities, including London and Southampton. Salisbury has extensive shopping and leisure facilities and is home to the famous cathedral, which attracts thousands of tourists each year. Salisbury has a good mix of historical and modern housing. There is good potential for capital growth and increasing rents being achieved over recent years in Salisbury.

Boatwrights Lettings Team would recommend properties close to the city centre (typically within a 1.5 mile radius), train station and hospital. Locations outside of the city may also be worth considering but on a more individually selective basis.


Amesbury has good level of Corporate Government employees and Army (MOD) personnel with an expected 15,000 troops moving to Salisbury Plain by 2020. Both the ongoing growth of the Solstice Business Park development and various residential new homes sites are bringing increased tenant demand. Amesbury has good road links to up via the A303 up to London and down to Exeter and with the M3 & M4 not too far away. Rail-wise, both Salisbury and Grateley are 8 miles away with a direct line up to London. The town has predominantly modern housing, which is cheaper to buy than property in Salisbury and consistently offers a higher rental return.

Modern developments such as Archers Gate and Kings Gate have proven popular over recent years and are recommended as ideal areas to purchase an investment property by our Boatwrights Lettings Team. Locations outside this area may be suitable, but on an individual property basis.


Within these recommended locations, there are specific areas which are better than others and some areas or roads which we would not recommend at all. Boatwrights offers a free buy to let advice service to help you purchase the right investment property for you. To take advantage of this free advice service contact Quentin Thatcher or Luke Skinner